What exactly is Digital Printing?

When digital printing, your artwork is sent directly to the digital printer where it is RIPped (Raster Image Processing). Meaning, it converts it into something it can understand. The printer then uses static electricity to attract the perfect amount of color toner to the paper. It then sends it through the fuser where the paper and toner are bondedĀ together,Ā producingĀ your color print.

Personalize your printing

with low quantity, quick turnaround digital prints


Digital printing is ideal for low volume printing or on-demand printing. Quantities 1 to 1,000.


Digital Printing has a fast turnaround time because of the easier setup process.


Digital printing allows for customization of each piece; such as names, numbers or addresses.


Digital printing is great for smaller sized pieces. We run up to 13ā€³x19ā€³ sheets on our digital presses.


Digital Printing uses fuser fluids with heat process (toner). Ink instantly dries.


Digital Proofs are actually a print of the artwork. It will look exactly like the final piece.


Digital Presses are able to get in the ā€˜ballparkā€™ of a PantoneĀ® Color, but it will never be perfect.


Digital presses are capable of high-quality prints and can hit a large spectrum of colors.

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