Think about the time you spend on the road — vehicle graphics generate brand awareness whether on a job, making a delivery or just grabbing some lunch. For small companies or large corporations, short-term campaigns or long-term saturations, auto wraps can be invaluable for advertising your product or service.

Full Wrap

360 degree EXPOSURE – Stand Out From The Competition

Showcase your company’s products and services with the most influential form of advertising. A FULL VEHICLE WRAP has the ability to attract customers with an unsurpassed amount of daily impressions, displaying valuable information from all angles. With an average shelf life of 10 years, a full wrap is essentially $25 a month, whereas a billboard is averagely $1,300 a month. 

Half Wrap

Budget Friendly – Stand Out From Lettered Vehicles

Without breaking your budget, a HALF WRAP still offers the customized design and the valuable advertising canvas of a full wrap. Although the advertising space is small, the most important thing is still there . . the design. Color matching technology allows us to match the wrap to existing car colors for a seamless vinyl application. Averaging at half the cost of a full wrap, additional charges apply based on size and detail of the wrap. There’s only one way to find out the true cost… give us a call!


Budget Friendly – Advertise Your Company

Can’t afford a wrap ?? Door logos have the ability to establish yourself as a business without covering your whole car in vinyl and ‘breaking your bank’. While they don’t have the influence of a full or half wrap, door logos have the power to differentiate your work vehicle from others. Effortlessly promote your brand, display contact information, and make your website known with a door logo, and come and see us at Jet Press Printing & Graphics for a full wrap after business takes off.

Custom designed vehicle wraps from Jet Press Printing & Graphics not only command the attention of others on the road, they actually protect your vehicle from the elements too. Whether you want to advertise your business or assert your individual style, auto wraps are the way to go. In addition to being more durable and cost effective than a paint job, vehicle wraps are easy to remove and replace unlike paint jobs.

First we’ll meet to go over your design ideas with our design team. Once we’ve talked through the design, a 50% deposit will be required to begin your custom vehicle wrap design. After you approve the design, we print and install your vehicle wrap.

Wrap prices vary depending on how much of the vehicle will be wrapped. We can create anything from simple vinyl lettering to a full vehicle wrap. Our Design Team will help design graphic branding to meet any budget. You can read more about costs here.

Yes, we would prefer the vehicle to be washed before you bring it in to Jet Press Printing & Graphics for installation. This way we can assure the wrap will be completed in a controlled environment and proper amount of time.

Installation usually is completed within 1-3 days, depending on the size of the vehicle and detail of the wrap. We will give customers a completion time frame prior to starting the wrap installation.

We recommend hand washing your vehicle with a non-abrasive sponge, soap and water. Do not high pressure wash the wrap. It may cause the vinyl to tear or seems to peel. Avoid using ice scrapers on the windows that have window wraps.

Vehicle wraps can be removed from your vehicle. Removing the wrap will not cause damage to the paint, as long as the paint is in good condition. We do not recommend removing/uninstalling the wrap yourself as this could cause damage to your vehicle’s paint.

Vehicle wraps should not damage your vehicle’s paint. A wrap actually helps to protect and preserve the paint.

Yes, we use a special window perforated vinyl on the windows. This vinyl allows you to see out the windows while still maintaining the look of the wrap. Defrosters will not damage the window perforated vinyl.