There is no doubt that while campaigns and elections continue to move to digital battlegrounds that the traditional forms of media still continue to play a big role in winning elections. Political signage is a perfect example of this as candidates at the local, State and Federal level plaster yards, buildings and busy roadways with campaign promises, political slogans and get out the vote messages. Whether you need signage for your front yard or vehicle, campaign headquarters or for your entire district we can help. We offer a wide variety of interior and exterior political sign options to help show your support or ensure your candidacy is effectively communicated to your constituents.


Yard Signs

The most commonly used sign for political campaigns, our lawn signs are made from a durable corrugated plastic that makes installation easy with the optional wire stakes, providing easy campaign exposure.


Vinyl Banners

These popular signs are perfect for promoting campaign events and fundraisers. Our 13 oz. banners are portable and are great for campaign booths at fairs, rallies, and community events.

Window Decals

Decorate your campaign headquarters with semi-permanent window decals. Display campaign slogans, contact information, and other campaign promotions using this simple signage solution.


Our versatile magnets can be placed on cars, refrigerators, or any other magnetic surface. Hand these out as promotional items with your logo and slogan on them or place them on cars of staffers and supporters to help promote your campaign.

Car Decals

Transform your car or truck into a mobile billboard using custom political car decals. These are perfect for decorating campaign cars and the vehicles of volunteers wanting to show their voting allegiance and campaign spirit for the upcoming election.

Foam Board

Lightweight and portable, these signs are perfect for campaign rallies, events and more. Store them and easily reuse them throughout the campaign. These signs are easily held by supporters or affordable enough to be purchased and distributed by campaign staffers.